Monday, October 13, 2008

Too Many Poll's

Every channel I watch, every news program, every newspaper and magazine has a poll. I go to some websites and more polls. Poll's everywhere, like this

FOX News/Rasmussen Reports Poll: Obama Leads in Ohio, 49% to 47%

and this

Gallup Daily: Obama Ahead, 51% to 41%

To me, these polls are worthless. I have never been contacted by anyone asking my opinion. Not that I care for the phone call while I am sitting down to dinner, but how accurate can these polls be if they keep asking the same cross section of people ?

With all the controversy surrounding ACORN and the fraudulent voter registrations, I find it hard to believe that the election results will be accurate

There are too many wrongs with this election, and it worries me as to where we will be a year from know. We are nearing our own judgement call now, and when the time comes I will choose honor, truth, loyalty, and sacrifice, not deals made in the dark.

The men and women who got us to this point would want it that way


Lauren said...

I just put your link in a post on my site!

wblmom said...

I soooooooo hear and agree with you. The polls are out of hand and I too am very very worried about our future and what will be happening and where we will all be in a year from now.

JR said...

Politics have turned into a spectator sport. Its a numbers game. The only thing is, you can't trust the numbers like you can in sports. A great example would be the 2004 Presidential race - the media had their leftist audience convinced that Kerry would win. So wrong...

On another note, I wish it were McCain against Biden for President. Not sure who their running mates would be, maybe Clinton and Romney. When I vote in November, I'm voting for Biden. But really, does the President do anything anyways... I demand to know who they plan to appoint to their administration! And what their plans on for the Supreme Court!