Friday, October 10, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

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Another Damn said...
Do you really believe what you just posted? Do you have any evidence to back it up? You realize you sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist right?
October 10, 2008 8:57 AM

ep said...
Do you really believe what you just posted? You realize you sound like a conspiracy theorist who is watching for UFO and wears a tinfoil hat right?I think it is interesting that people are so easily distracted by non-issues. Especially when the country is in more peril than anytime since WWII.I always wondered why politicians throw out crap issues to distract us. I thought people were smart enough to see through it...
October 10, 2008 9:03 AM

Conspiracy theory ? Could be, but where there's smoke............ well you know the rest

We live in dangerous times, and are surrounded by countries who want nothing more then to see America fall. We have groups right here among us who are willing to destroy us, and our way of life.
Obama has enough smoke surrounding him that he deserves no trust from Americans, and does not deserve a chance to destroy this country. People need to wake up and see what Obama really is
It is my right to offer my opinions and feelings in this country, I will not be able to do it under socialist rule.
My freedom, my families freedom, and my children's freedom is the biggest issue to me and many others. Why is it that you are not concerned with yours ?


Lauren said...

I am not sure I can articulate all the proper points at this early hour BUT...usually, psychologically when someone is accused of something like this as you were it is because they are projecting as they fully understand the tactic they are accusing you of.

And my mind is brough to the thought often heard "consider the source."

You have been accused by a huge movement that supports all the ridiculous conspiracy theories of our time, the "Bush planned 9/11" crackpots, "the Jews didn't die in 9/11 so they planned it" crackpots.

I might be blogging about this later...there's so many points to address that I am not sure where to start or how not to overwhelm BUT what we are seeing with Obama supporters is really nothing more than the largest CULT. Think scientology x one million. Watch the videos of what people in Scientology say and how they react to criticism. It's the same.

I am sorry I have no answers.

Da Old Man said...

Lauren hit it right on the head. This campaign has all the earmarks of a cult. And, to make it even worse, as your critics have done, they fight by trying to insinuate that those who have not drunk the Kool Aid are the cultists.
Rob, you are the voice of reason. Thanks.

This Brazen Teacher said...

I always read your blog- because you've been such a great support to my blog! I also like that you have exactly opposite political views than mine. It's nice to read posts from the other side of the fence.

That being said, I just wanted to point this out.

A lot of right wing blogs do exactly what they hate from us liberals. They categorize us. Would you like it if I started lumping you into the same category as the fundamentalist mormons in utah that rape children in the name of god? those right wingers?

Ok that was mean. You know I love you.

But seriously. I am a proud liberal- and then there are liberals that are WAY left. Think Burning Man, doing acid to see spirits hippies and shit (not to mention the cultlike scientologists etc.)

I KNOW they exist. But the Liberal party is not characterized by it's extremes anymore than you are by yours. I think Conservative and LIberal viewpoints have much more in common than they would admit because they're too busy finger pointing.

Problems that affect us will never be solved until we stop alienating each other. Sometimes when i read your blog, that's how I feel. I want to know your side or i wouldn't come. But instead I always feel berated for who I am, and the listening ears turn off.

God I'm such a teacher.

Lastly, I'll be back. Just being devil's advocate as always. xoxo