Friday, October 17, 2008

Should We Cry Fraud ?

I hate to get on here and bitch about ACORN because I know the topic has been beat to death. I had a great post all researched and planned out for tonight, but as I sat here checking on a few things, I heard Fox News break the story that the Supreme Court has sided with Jennifer Brenner over voter registration. WTF ? The more I watch the news, and read other writers blogs, the more angry I get. Everyone else can find the fraud, look here....

Hey, it creeped me out too, but the fraud is for real.

Brunner should be fired and run out of her office for this. She knows that 200,000 of the 660,000 registrations do not match Govt. databases

And now, thanks to the Help America Vote law, private entities are not allowed to sue to investigate the fraud, you know, like the GOP.
She's done a fine job for NOBAMA, I bet she has a gallon of Kool-Aid in her refrigerator

And that is not the worst I have seen tonight. As I sit here watching for more details on the ACORN/Democrat love in, I have been flipping between 3 news channels, and 2 of them are crucifying " Joe the Plumber " You Democrats, and your worthless partisan media followers should be ashamed

These people have turned his personal life into a sideshow event, have completely stolen his privacy, and have kept satellite truck's at his home ever since he called NOBAMA out on his worthless tax plan. Did they do this to Bill Ayers ? Nope, I am more concerned about an unrepentant terrorist than a guy that works for a living

As far as Nobama's tax plan goes, I have had many lively debate about it on BlogCatalog's political discussion boards. I have found that there are a group of Dem supporters that scan the topics, and are quick to jump in and take control of the topic. They are fast to drop links, and give quotes complete with date and time which show me they are there for a reason, and that reason can only be described as some kind of cult following that will not allow a different viewpoint for fear of some kind of truth coming out

I have met one that seems to have a clear message ( ahem Rob J. ) , and a true belief in the democratic tax plan, and I will not fault him for what he believes, and I hope he will not fault mine.

I simply do not agree with the plan, and I do not think that if someone has a good business plan, and works hard to get ahead and succeeds in what they do, they should be punished and have the money they worked for taxed away.

Redistribution of wealth does not set well with me, and I do not like the idea of a larger government.

I want us all to have a fair tax, and let me tell you people, taxes WILL go up. It does not matter who wins the election. We are broke, and we need to get this debt paid down. With more job's, and more people working, we can do that. I want large companies to be able to operate here in the US, and use our workforce. Under NOBAMA's plan, more companies will pack up and leave our country, and leave more of us unemployed.

I want to drill here, and drill know. Why are we buying oil when we have it right here at our backdoor ? I know, global warming and greenhouse gasses, and all that stuff, but we do not have real electric cars yet, so lets use the oil we have until we do

I like the idea that we can defend ourselves. I want our nation, and my family safe. I just do not think NOBAMA can do it.

I found this video that's kind of funny, but it is scary at the same time. If you watch it, I'll be quiet for a while


Lauren said...

I can't agree with you more. I also know I can't post the last video because part of the process is to understand the mindset of your opponant. They will negate all the facts I provide by calling me an alarmist and racist and mob mentality me over it taking the focus off where I think it needs to be. But the video is correct. The VIDEO IS CORRECT.

Da Old Man said...

Doing what they did to Joe the Plumber will keep others quiet. Who is willing to ask a media darling candidate anything knowing that the media will then make life hell?
The media has investigated a plumber who asked a question more thoroughly than the man who will probably be elected President. How sad is that?

The Hawg said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Obama's middle class tax cut -- he's lying through his teeth about it. Whenever the Dems decide to expand the government, the middle class gets hammered with new taxes.

It's a common ploy for Democrats to promise middle class tax cuts. Sadly, people fall for it every time. Mark my words -- Obama is no different from any other Dem in this regard. He'll promise a tax cut and then conveniently forget about it when he gets in office.

And you're right about Joe the Plumber. Just wait until you see how dissent is crushed once Obama gets in office. We're about to put a complete monster in office and it's just pitiful.

CupidsReviews Heidi said...

It is in fact the republicans that brought Joe out into the spotlight when mentioning him at the debates no? I don't think that he minds all of the press at all and I am sure that the business he plans to open will flourish if anything because of all of this hype.

Anonymous said...

Obama needs to cut his ties to ACORN and their nation-wide voter fraud actions!