Thursday, October 23, 2008

CAUTION ! Hot Kool-Aid Here !

I love getting feedback on my post's, and I display all comments good or bad. What thrills me the most are the few that would offer me a derogatory statement about what I write, and do it anonymously. Take a look at this one

Anonymous said...
Obama is actually viewed as the best choice by the entire of Europe, South America, Australia, Asia, and most of Africa.McCain is seen as a disaster waiting to happen. And that goes for 50% of this country too, vs about 47%. Get your facts straight. Look up from your narrow American tunnel, and see what the rest of the world ACTUALLY thinks.
October 22, 2008 2:35 PM

Well Anon, just let me say that any other country would like to see Obama win, and I am sure Russia, Iran, Osama Bin Laden, and good ol'e Hugo Chavez would be happy to see Obama win so they can help introduce us to socialism, take away our guns, leave us broke, defenseless, and broken so that they can put an end to our way of life. Do not forget anonymous commenter, the very fact that you can speak your mind is protected in this country

Here is another good one
Anonymous said...
Sarah Palin is a nightmare waiting to happen. You need to get your facts straight, before you say this sort of thing in public. Stop drinking the Republican Kool Aid!
October 23, 2008 3:27 PM
I would have to agree with you anon, Mrs. Palin is a nightmare waiting to happen. When she gets to D.C. and starts cleaning house, all of the corrupt, worthless, trash will be cleaned out. Yes, their nightmare is coming.
Maybe I should address the issues on the economy, or health care instead of calling out some commenter's that fear connection with their beliefs, but why waste my time ? As good as Obama's tax plan may be, it is completely unbelievable. We have not heard the truth from him yet, so why should we believe anything he says now ? Listen here for a minute Kool-Aid people and yes, you Obama......

We all know about Radical Saul

We all know about you and Ayers

We all know about you and Rezco, and ACORN,

And you yelling AMEN to the crap your so-called minister was preaching

When it comes down to it, I do not believe anything that you say because I know that you will say anything it takes to get elected.

My name is Rob, aka lot2learn, this is my blog site, and I approve this post !


The Hawg! said...

Why is it that these pro-Obama posters tend to list themselves as "anonymous" and use the phrase, "You need to get your facts straight?"

I've seen a lot of posts here and there that follow that m.o.

By the way, I doubt Obama is telling the truth, either. The last Democrat that promised a middle-class tax cut was Clinton, and his flunkies denied he ever said it once he got in office. Obama -- mark my words -- would do either the exact, same thing or claim that the country just can't afford a tax cut right now and that it's time for everyone to sacrifice.

Obama will likely screw the middle class to the wall, just like every president we've had since Reagan left office. Gambling the man will keep his word is a sucker's bet.

That's not to say that McCain is fantastic, but I'll take him in a heartbeat over Europe hugging, socialist boy.

ettarose said...

Hi, I am using IE6 because I am not on my own computer. I let you know this because I am unable to see your card. I am glad you dropped on me because you have a site that appeals to me. I will be back!

pamibe said...

I love it!! They're always "facts straight" and "nightmare waiting to happen". LOL!

The only nightmare we're facing is socialism and where to bury the guns in the back yard!!

Lauren said...

I think things are worse than both of you mention. I don't think we'll be worried about taxes and lies of that sort if he's elected...which by padding the ballot box thru acorn it seems as if it's heading that way. I think this man wants to CHANGE the entire framework of OUR country. Forget the laws and rights as we once knew them. I passed an "o" poster while driving last night in Crooklyn. It read:waiting for the world to change.

Anonymous said...

Palin pals around with terrorists. She takes their money too and their endorsements. Anonymous quotes are due to the platform your on. Don't get all chidey. You've proven yourself to be on the right wing fringe so stop deluding yourself further.

CupidsReviews Heidi said...

What's wrong with Europe hugging? As it stands Europe doesn't care at all about the US and their policies and can function seamlessly without the west. Some international unity would be a good thing no?! And what's wrong with putting down your guns? I never knew a lower crime rate was a bad thing.

cube said...

How bravely they leave their comments anonymously.

They are spineless cowards.

The Listener said...

It seems like Obama came out of no where and he has a cult like following. It's like Jim Jones and his follwers. Obama's wife doesn't like this country, it's in the way she acts and the way she spoke out those few times before people started getting on her case. Then Obama said quit picking on my wife.

I am proud of my country and I will stand by her no matter what our leaders in Washington do. I just wish McCain had picked a better running mate. Palin is hurting him and I had never been a fan of Liberman but he would have been a better least I think so.

wblmom said...

Man I love your site!!!
Okay not just because I am or am not for Obama, but the fact that you do get facts and then speak and post about them on this site.
So many issues that I think about and scare the hell out of me as an American you address. The rest of these people should really stop, get their heads out of their butts and smell the friggin roses!!!
Thanks again lot2learn AKA Rob. :)

Da Old Man said...

Just want to weigh in on the anon stuff. I love the way they blame the platform. Of course, it wouldn't be possible to leave a name and drop a link, I guess.

Everything is Bush's fault, or the Republicans. Even your platform, I guess Googgle is a tool of the Republicans.

BTW, the economy took a nosedive in the last year or so. When was it exactly that the Congress became a Democratic majority?

Josh said...

"Get your facts straight. Look up from your narrow American tunnel, and see what the rest of the world ACTUALLY thinks"

I think what anonymous meant to say is:

"Watch more liberal media. Throw out your legitimate sources and free-thinking, and see what the rest of the world WHIMSICALLY watches"

No offense to people outside of the U.S. but by and large, you're mostly concerned with which one of our celebrities is getting arrested. The trouble is, that's what most American's are also concerned with.

When it comes to "facts," the overwhelming majority of people take out of context what CNN, MSNBC, Bill Maher, and 3,000 others take out context and then pass it off as "truth."

The irony here is that you know damn well it's just fabricated nonsense intended to draw ratings -- that's why you watch it in the first place. You can't base a country off of popularity.

It's the Vanilla Ice effect. FFS, people, wake up!

I'm with you, man. I'm loving the blog. If you ever get some time, I'd appreciate if you dropped by mine to give me some advice. My stuff's so drab -- I don't know the first thing about blogging.

AC Repair said...

Obama is the worst thing this country will ever experience if he gets elected.

Bottom Line

Jacob said...

Sorry about your misfortune in the upcoming election. Better luck in 8 years...if the GOP hasn't eaten each other along with its young :oP

lot 2 learn said...

@ The Hawg ! Buddy, I think we drink from the same cup

@Ettarose Thanks for stopping by

@Pamibe I will never bury my guns : )

@ Lauren I am weary of his " change as well

@ ANON when you guy's choke on the Kool-Aid, the door to the right will be closed and you leftist's will be on your own

@ Heidi I will have to write a whole new post on you, stay tuned

@ Cube and The listener We are on the same page my friends, although I do like Palin

@ Wblmom You make me blush ! Thanks for the kind words

@ Da old man This type of commenter enjoys the cloak of darkness. I think that if they went to the trouble of reading what I wrote, they would want to drop a link so that I could visit them and leave them a comment

@ Josh you hit the nail on the head, my friend. Ice Ice Baby ! I will stop by and check you out ASAP !

@ AC Repair I am with you Amanda ! We need to get the word out

@ Jacob As I said to ANAN, enjoy your Kool-Aid. When your money and guns are gone, just get in line for your government cheese while us Right Wingers are watching you circle the bowl. Let's talk on February 1st, 2009 my friend !

Robert said...

I've had my own run-ins with "anonymous" leaving comments on my posts. Sometimes, it's entertaining to read what the cowards have to say....but it often turns into vulgar insults.