Saturday, September 6, 2008

What Are They Afraid Of ?

The recent conventions have been a buffet for the writers of talk shows and certain " news " programs. But I think they are loading their plates on just one side of the bar. Take Bill Maher for example

Nearly six minutes of monologue, and only one joke about Obama. The rest was directed at John McCain and Sarah Palin. Well, what about his opening after the RNC ?

Again, one joke about Obama, and the rest at McCain and Palin's expense, and some spillover onto Bush. Why is this ? Maher is not the only one I have found guilty of this, it is like this all over TV and radio. Why ? I believe it is because of fear. Our country has become so obsessed with political correctness, that we are afraid of offending anyone. Let's face it, a label like that is a career killer. Look at this funny clip I found

Portrayal Of Obama As Elitist Hailed As Step Forward For African Americans

Is it funny, or does it make you cringe ? What is the media afraid of, a woman with a voice or being labeled ? I am open to comments, let me know your opinion, that is, if you are not afraid


Lauren said...

I didn't watch the Maher clips I can't say anything about them. I watched the Obama clip. I think the man speaks the truth. For some, well lets face it MOST, this man is a symbol not a person. they couldn't care less about his lack of experience, or that he did NOTHING in any of the few elected offices he held. He's a symbol and trailblazer and if he can get elected they think their lives will be super slip and slide easy. Don't most people want the magic pill, the quick fix to changing their lives? I think this is the root cause of a man who is so aligned with evil, racist ways can still get to such a position. What do you think?

Laurie said...

I do want to comment on this, but I need to wait until my toddler wakes up.I am not able to play the video you have on your site yet and I want to hear them.
Be back soon.

Da Old Man said...

Very funny clip from the Onion. Everyone is afraid to be viewed as anything less than an apologist for everything that has ever been done to anyone who is not white.

After all, when my great grandfather on my Father's side came to America, he was welcomed, and immediately given a home, a great job, and everything he ever desired. No one ever called him a nasty name, and life was perfect.

On my Mother's side, they have been here so long, I have no idea what it was like for them, but I imagine it was perfect, too. Everything was probably handed to them, also.

See, I can do satire, too. LOL.

The Fitness Diva said...

Ok, that was hilarious. OMG. Had me for a minute...

People are afraid of both a woman with a voice AND being labeled.
Now, it's coming down to what's gonna be the least of two evils.

By the way, who is this "they" you speak of, Lauren???

And who do you know that ever really expects life to be "super slip and slide easy?".

The only people I know that think that way are the uber rich, inherited wealth millionaires, trust fund kids, and fat cat CEO's with mega buck yearly bonuses.

wblmom said...

I do understand that it definitely seemed to be very one sided. If you are going to go out there make jokes and so on and so forth then everyone should get their fare share of being made fun of, darnit!!! :)
That's politics right? I don't know there is a lot about Obama I am really leery about, they are my own reasons, but I really don't know that I am that knocked of my feet by McCain either.

WeBearArms said...

I seriously think a lot of comedians are afraid to make to many jokes at Obama's expense for fear of being called racist.

Heck I have been called one for just stating I am not voting for him.

Gray Kane said...

Bill Maher is the comedic liberal side of the same coin that has Bill O'Reilly on the other side. During the primaries, Maher was a vehement Hillary Clinton supporter who relentlessly joked about Obama. Now, he's an Obama supporter. During the primaries, O'Reilly relentlessly criticized McCain. Now, he's a McCain supporter. If you want to ask what Bill Maher is afraid of, then you might also ask what Bill O'Reilly is afraid of. The two Bills are very afraid, and in opposing ways.