Friday, September 26, 2008


Why go on TV and tell us this crap ? Were you afraid McCain was on his way ? Why was everyone against McCain being there to help get things going ? This is not a new problem, and these guys have been working on it for days ! McCain says he is coming to town and you rush out and shout that you have the solutions. NObama did not want anything to do with the discussions, but GW said get in here now, so he had to come. The Republicans are holding things up, but it is because they are looking out for us, not trying to keep the crooks that got us into this safe.

I am glad McCain decided to go to the debate tonight, and with no pre-written comments or answers for NObama, we will all be able to see him for what he really is. He sure was hot to get out of DC

These liars are sending reports that a plan will be reached sometime Friday night, after the debate, well maybe so, but the market is closed all weekend, so they can sit around all weekend and argue if they like.

Is this our future ? How many of us are a couple paychecks away from losing everything ? The next few days will tell, and no one is safe


Lauren said...

Actually the Republicans aren't holding anything up. The DemocRATS have enough votes to go ahead with whatever they came up with. It's a total farce! They are looking for a way to pass legislation that they can blame on either Bush or McCain after the election no matter who wins.

Don said...

I hate all of them. Let the economy crumble then those of us that survive can demolish and destroy those that got us there in the first place.

Da Old Man said...

It is all smoke and mirrors. When McCain suggested they put the campaign on hold for a few days(after all, the election is well over a month away) Obama made me sick when he tried to spin it as a President needs to multi-task, so he equated campaigning with the complete destruction of our economy.

JR said...

I know democrats who would vote for McCain easily BUT the reason they say they won't now is because Sarah Palin is his running mate. I wonder what you think about choosing her. It makes no sense to me... I look forward to the debates on Thursday.

I enjoy your posts, although I may not always agree... Take care. :)