Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fair And Balanced ?

I know the story about Olbermann and Matthews getting pulled from the election coverage is not new, but I enjoy knowing that the few who claimed that the media was treating both sides fairly, now have to wash some egg off of their face.

The claim of the Republican bashing is not new, and it has been an ongoing debate between bloggers for weeks. The bias, in my opinion, became blatant at the DNC. It seemed some of the commentators twisted speeches to convey a message that did not exist. Hillary gave a good speech, and talked more of unity and progress within her party, than why we need to vote for Obama. Many news people were falling all over themselves to give praise, but had to search for a credible reason

What about Gibson and Palin ? Did he throw her some curve balls ? Many are highlighting the Bush Doctrine question. That question was a joke. Why do I say that ?

I think that the more these " news people " try to dig into the republicans, the more that the real unbiased news people will call them out. This race gets better and better.

Before I go, I have to say GOD BLESS TEXAS, and please keep everyone down there safe, My daughter lives just south of Houston, and I have not heard from her since Friday morning


Lauren said...

I hope you hear from your daughter soon. I have a friend in Houston and I got ONE text from her saying they left a lot earlier than others because where she lives was already flooded. I am sure she is ok, but that the phone lines are tied up with too many users.

As for the other content, well, we've known this for years.

lot 2 learn said...

Thanks for the nice words. I am hoping I hear from her soon

Da Old Man said...

I hope you hear from your daughter soon that all is well.
And as far as the media bias, I read a few weeks ago that people in the media supported Democrats financially about 100-1 over Republicans.
Follow the money. :)

The Natural State Hawg said...

Not hearing from my kid when a hurricane is brewing would scare the hell out of me! Here's hoping you've gotten in touch with her soon if you haven't already done so...

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The BoBo said...

I'm praying for your daughter and I do hope you hear from her soon. Good luck! Keep us posted here.