Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Under Attack

The big news story today, other than the hurricane, was Sarah Palin. After the initial shock of McCains VP pick, the attack began. Why ? Because she does not like her brother-in-law ? Because of issues with her daughter ? Let's get real. What person gets along with their in-laws, much less some members of their own family ? Who can criticize Palin about her pregnant daughter, that does not have a niece, cousin, daughter, or granddaughter that has not been in the same situation ? I am not condoning these issues, but I do not think her children are any of our business. As for the whole Trooper scandal, if they were going to find something derogatory about her, it would have already been told

I believe Palin is a regular person, just like me, and I believe she would be able to relate better to how I see things and my situations. Did anyone see this interview before she was officially chosen as McCains running mate ?

I like that. Just a regular person. Instead of dragging people through the mud and trying to make your opponent look bad, why not take the same time and money to tell me what is good about yourself ? I would much rather hear what you are going to do about Iraq, and about our energy problems. I would really love to hear a response to congress being out on a 5 week paid vacation on our dime. Until then, take cover because the bombs are dropping all around us


Kathy said...

Great Post! She is being attacked because she can DO Something! She will not sit by and pretend she is a "perfect candidate". For all the calls of change, the Dems don't want it. Biden is proof of that, in 36 years he has done nothing but want the fat cats want him to. The more they attack the madder they get real conservative women. Just tells me how great the choice was.

Cresta said...

I agree with you. I mean, I DON'T like Palin, but it's not because of the reasons you listed. I disagree with her stance on social issues. However, I think that the mudslinging is ridiculous.