Sunday, September 21, 2008

Politics Are Funny

I was looking through some articles on the Internet about Teddy Roosevelt concerning his campaign, and it seemed every time I typed a search using the keywords election, or campaign, or candidate, I would come across these pictures and articles that people are looking at thousands of time a day.

Does this have any bearing on the outcome of the election ? Yes it does, because after the speeches, and debates, and all the town hall meetings, it will come down to a critical phrase or statement.

Not to be biased towards the candidates

Just think how much mileage this clip has gotten

Forget about the polls, and the attack ads, and everything else that happens in the next few weeks. Just be on the lookout for that moment when someone records a statement, or gets a video clip that will be exploited

Oh My ! How did that get in there ?


Lauren said...

I posted one of your videos tonight and gave your link.

blaine_fridley said...

supremely good points, my friend