Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Have Heard Enough

Last night when I made it to my chair and grabbed my TV remote, I did the usual and flipped over to Fox news.
I had about 25 minutes before Bill O'Riley came on, so I surfed around a bit to hear what the blind media had to say. I was caught off guard a little because most of the reports were still criticizing the great oil spill speech Obama gave the night before.
I kind of thought it would happen, I thought that when he turned his talk with America into a look into his dream world that it would upset many of the left wing media that had his back up until now.
I could only listen to a few minutes of their concern, because they were all about 50 days too late with it. That's when I flipped over to see the beginning of O'Riley
I should have known that Obama's speech was going to be at the top of his list as well, and Dick Morris would be there to explain what Clinton would have done.
Don't get me wrong, I like O'Riley, I am a fan, I watch Hannity, and I sometimes stick around to watch Greta as well, but last night I felt like it was being shoved down my throat.
We all know Obama is a screw up, we all know this Government is a complete waste of air and is shoving a stick so far up our rear's that we might not be able to walk right again.
Just once I want to hear about the person that stands up and yells NO !
The person that holds up a file or document and says I HAVE PROOF THEY ARE WRONG !
Where is the person that has the evidence that Barney Frank screwed around with Fannie and Freddie ?
Where is the person that used a cell phone camera to record Nancy Pelosi doing her backroom deals during the health care ordeal ?
Where is the person that was in the room when Obama and Andy Stern, and whoever else may have been there was organizing our fundamental change ?
For that matter, where is the person that stands in the hallways, and elevators, and even the bathrooms in those corrupt buildings that hear things, that know what they do and say is wrong, that know things that can put a stop to all of this ?

I just couldn't watch anymore news last night

I flipped around and found Delta Force
A good old America kicking some ass movie.
I needed that.
Thank god for Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin


Sandee said...

Now you know why we don't have television.

Have a terrific day. :)

The Real American said...

They're on The Internet. The media corporations - including Fox - are merely corporate propagandists for the true power brokers in America. Nor, am I talking about the politicans... but rather, those higher up the wrung than them.

Yes, the media takes sides... but, only within the parameters set for them, from the top. The News, as you so bluntly point out, is [merely] to entertained the folks back home.

Don't seem so shocked! Where do you think professional wrestling got their ideas?

Don E. Chute said...

I know I get frustrated also. I get my kicks from 'Burn Notice', 'Justified', 'Breaking Bad'.

Just something to break the newsmonotony.

I watch and Love Glenn Beck, but of late I feel he is teaching the idiots that used to sit in the back of my classes.

His rumor is that he has moles, inside Washington. He lets out leaks in drips and drabs, but I want a freekin Watergate to oust BHO's ASS before 11/6/2012.