Monday, June 28, 2010

The MSNBC Arizona Poll

I saw this poll on the MSNBC website, and I had to add my 2 cents.

It asked if I was in favor or not of the law that begins in July in Arizona.

After I voted, the results of the poll came up, and I was amazed that they allowed the results to be shown.

A total of 1,626,492 people had voted in the poll, and the results at that point were 95.7 % for the Arizona law, and 4.3 % against it.

WOW ! The Obama networks on news channel has a poll, and they can only get 4.3 % ?

I clicked on the other polls, and went to see the results concerning the response of Obama and the White House to the oil spill, and the effects it was having on the coast.

66.8 % of the people voting thought that Obama was just all talk when it came to taking care of business.

I find it strange that a news channel like MSNBC that does it's best to prop up the president, and to gloss over anything damaging to the administration would allow polls like that on their site.

I also wonder if they ever look at the polls, and get any kind of idea of what the real people think beyond their studio doors ?

We are hours away from the Arizona law taking effect, and I for one support Jan Brewer, and all the real Americans in Arizona that are showing the Government that they have a backbone, and know how to say, If you won't do it, then get out of our way so we can !

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Sandee said...

I support Arizona too. They have to do something. If the feds won't then they will. They've proven that already. Good for them.

Have a terrific day. :)