Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Is What We See

We see Hilary Clinton, in another country announcing that the Federal Government is about to sue the state of Arizona over the immigration law, and we hear Governor Jan Brewer, in so many words, saying bring it on.

We see Sen. Jon Kyl tell us the real reason why this administration will not secure our borders, and in my opinion, gives a reason as to why the Federal Government would even consider a lawsuit

Peter Orszag is stepping down from Obama's cabinet, the first of many I suspect.

I read a little on Orszag's biography and found that some of his teachers and mentors were into Obama's transformation agenda, like Alan Blinder , Joseph Stiglitz , and one of the most interesting I read about, Robert Rubin .

Makes you wonder why he would be leaving the chosen one ?

Word has it that Rahmbo will be leaving soon too, I think there is a lot more going on that what the prez can handle, and I aint talking about the oil spill. I am talking about in his own house.

It goes back to his mouth writing those checks that his ass couldn't cover

Funny thing about those promises, the stupid voters may just take a step back and forget, but the radical left will hunt you down for what they want.

Just how much power did you promise them Obama ? How far were you going to let them get before you were going to make them slow down ? And I just have to ask, just how bad do those radicals scare you ?

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Sandee said...

This regime is frightening. Absolutely frightening. They aren't listening to the majority anymore. They just aren't listening. :(