Saturday, June 26, 2010

Those Poor Obamites

I rode down to the dock today to have a look at what the guy's were catching out in the river.
With the impending storm heading into the Gulf, and no sign of the oil being stoped, I thought I would have a look at what could be some of the best seafood on the east coast.
We are in the safe zone here inside the Chesapeake Bay, and it would take a lot before the currents could bring any sign of what the people down there are facing to our beaches.
As we all looked around at what we have to share in, we all agreed that there was no way it would have went down the way it did here. Forget the permits, forget the EPA, and forget the suits that want to sit in an air conditioned building that we pay for and look down their nose at us, and shake their finger at us, and say " Just wait, we have some very smart people looking into this "
Screw You All !
Bobby Jindall should have told them to go jump somewhere and did it himself, and let me tell you, he would have had all of the United States behind him. Everyone would have done something to help as long as the Federal Government would have gotten the hell out of the way.
I feel so bad for Florida now, because sell out Crist has his head down the front of the pants of the radical lefts pants, so he will do as he is told. Florida will be lost, and I loved Panama City Beach too, I hope people pay attention to all of this.
These holdout's, these people that still cling to the hopes that something good will come of all this radical loony left stuff, I think they are Otter's.
I saw it on a movie the other night and could not stop laughing.
Have a look

Poor Otter.
He F#*d up. He trusted them.
Sound Familiar ?


Don E. Chute said...

It's very simple. Your 'Obamites' know that they can do it better than their predecessors.

Marx, Lenin, Che, Castro, Mao. Our progressives know those other dudes almost had it right, if only they were as smart as they.

Nice analogy to 'Animal House'. A bunch of drunkin juveniles, behaving badly, breaking rules, for the 'Houses' greater good.


Malcolm said...

Actually, it was "Flounder" who f***ed up by trusting "Otter" and some of the other Deltas. :-)