Thursday, March 25, 2010

Political Attacks

Death threats, broken windows, shots fired, and angry Americans.

Is this the work of a select few, or the start of something out of control

I have heard on talk radio, and Fox news that Americans should refrain from violence, to remain calm and use facts to fight against the left wing group.

Since this whole Obama thing started, I have seen nothing but violence come from the left, and I have heard them say things like " if the power of persuasion does not work then we will use the persuasion of power " and " Power comes from the barrel of a gun "

I have watched them smile and laugh as they tell us what is good for us, and tell us that we are mob's, and teabaggers, and racists.

As an American, it is not in my nature to be pushed around, and attacked, and labeled as something so that my credibility and views are deemed worthless.

I have to ask how long are we going to remain calm ?

How long do we stand here and allow this administration to lead us to a place we do not want to go ?

When will our Government, that is to be controlled by the people, actually represent the people that it works for ?

I did not vote for someone that would go to Washington to make laws that would set guidelines on how I should live my life, and I did not hand them my credit card so they could go out and spend every dollar I have. I don't believe any of us voted for that.

So what does it take to get a message to these folks that they are not doing the will of the American people ? Should we all just sit with our legs crossed, hoping to not spring a leak until the November elections ?

When November does get here, and we have the chance to clean house, will there be any chance of repairing the damage that has been done ?

I have heard reports from former Senators, and political analysts, and people that write books that tell me what could be done, and what may happen, and how evasive these people are when asked about their reasons for voting against the Americans

When will someone come out and say that this has gone too far ? When will someone say to Washington " YOUR FIRED ? "

The Town halls did not get us anywhere, the letters, and phone calls, and faxes, and emails got us nowhere. The protests did nothing.

What are we supposed to do, right now, to put a stop to the destruction of our Nation ?


Sandee said...

Let November come. Things will change then. I do hope that violence isn't going to happen. I so hope that isn't in the cards.

We should be angry, and we are. The left was frothing at the mouth when Bush was in office. Violence and threats were happening all the time. Funny how things are the same, but to them they are different.

Have a terrific day. :)

Mike Golch said...

Violence is NEVER THE WAY!