Friday, March 12, 2010

Joy Behar Conspiracy

I wonder how much Joy gets paid for airing this garbage.

Why is she looking to create another racial conflict ? I can't be the only person that sees her fishing for something here.

These types of left wing people do nothing more that attack anyone that goes against what they believe. When people like Rush, and Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity speak their minds, and show with facts that they are not making up the information, they are branded as loons.

Jesse Ventura had the nerve to agree with Joy, and tell us That Rush would get a pass on the Massa comment because of money and ratings .

That is a joke, what was racist about it ? The fact that Behar twists limbaugh's words is not a reason to yell racist

Jesse Ventura has got a few strange ideas as well, and he is entitled to them, but I just do not understand what he wants to uncover in his investigations. Bottom line is Bush was given information, and he was advised as to what was going on. Bush made decisions based on information that was gathered by different agencies of the Government.

I completely understand his story about pearl harbor, and attacking the Koreans, but our attackers are a combination of people and nationalities, they are not one group based in one area.

As I see it, maybe at the time we attacked, we went to a hot spot, an area where the largest group of terrorist were located.

If Ventura wants to make a stand and grab some air time, why not use what little fame he has left and g to the border and have a camera pointed at him while illegals cross into our country ? Why not head over to North Carolina and show the folks that are not getting their state tax refund because the state is broke ?

Even better, head out to Pennsylvania to the airport that tax money paid for courtesy of John Murtha.


Sandee said...

I never liked her and this is a very good reason why. She's a whack job. As for Jesse...He's the entertainer. Hello. I like Rush much better than him.

Thank God there are fewer of these folks than of us folks. Just saying.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Steve Parry said...

Jesse is an idiot, point blank. Too many blows to the head. Anyone with that hairdo should immediately be questioned. What is that, the top down and the windows up look?

LaurAyn said...

Let him go to Mexico as he threatens. he can go to Ciudad Juarez where they are surrounded by drug terrorists and dying in the streets in organized drive bys. I mean really he thinks it's better there than here if Palin became president. So go there. Go enjoy their wonderful culture and government Jesse.