Monday, March 22, 2010

Bloody Sunday

I watched as the hour drew near for the vote that was going to drag us over the cliff into socialism.
I watched the debates, and watched as the news channels put every kind of spin on how each of the members would vote.
I thought I may have seen signs of hope when John Boehner gave his argument

Hell No !
That's what should have been said about this bill, and about the Government takeover of our lives.
We knew it was coming.
It has been played thousands of times, and you can see it on Glenn Beck's TV show at least once a week.
Obama told us before the election that we were 5 days from him fundamentally changing our country.

Yeah, we knew.
We tried to tell you. We tried to alert you as to what Obama was, and what he would do.

Now look at what we are thrown into.
Who wins ?
Who supports this ?

Show them the money.
Open your doors and let those that have not worked for anything take whatever they need.
Leave the keys in your car, and leave your checkbook on the counter at the store.
Why try to hang on to it ? It's all going to be redistributed anyway.
That's what Obama and his followers think,

For now..........................


Sandee said...

Don't worry...they went way too far. Things will swing back in the November elections. You can see the signs now. It's just how much damage they can do until then. Immigration is next. :(

In the middle of America and lovin it....... said...

A sad day for American when then can't be heard. What if we all stand up and say NO.....what would happen.

David said...

And, to make matters worse, next on on the agenda, creating NEW Americans out of illegal aliens, aka Democratic voters. Obama is just begging for a civil war to start in this country so he can have a reason to put Martial Law into effect. I fear he's going to get his wish.

dickster1961 said...

you are right, Sandee, immigration is probably next. then they will probably revisit cap and tax especially since Lindsay Graham is trying to work a deal there, then don't forget the 2nd amendment

Harrison said...

All we can do is to vote in November and hopefully reverse the bill.

LaurAyn said...

Please email me, I can't find your last email and need the info. thanks, L

Josh said...

I don't know about y'all, but the family members that gave me presents as a child were the ones I liked best.

But that's when I was a kid.

I think most young Americans today aren't "growing up." They stay emotionally dependent due to our culture of crybabies and victimhood and celebrities, etc.

Nobody wants to put their hands in the dirt to build now.

I think I got EXTREMELY lucky by having a family that preached about hard work. I wasn't entitled to anything. No politicians were standing on podiums and claiming we were entitled to anything, either.

The idea was to work and earn and pay your taxes and obey the law and always do what's right and follow your conscience.

For most other people my age (20s), it's gimme, gimme, gimme!

All the while, the progressives are yelling those same three words.

When it's all said and done, there will be no "class" except for the UBERGARGANTUAN government, living on high in their palaces, and the common folk who all must share and be grateful the government decided to throw some crumbs.

If it does get to that point:

America = FAIL

Steve Parry said...

What a classic speech though. Gave me goosebumps.