Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Left Wing Nut

What a piece of work this guy is.

This idiot is doing his best to ride the coat tails of of people that actually have an audience to try and grab some much needed ratings.

Can you believe this garbage ?

Attack is the only thing these left wing outlets can do.

Why not report the news, instead of going after real Americans that want to save their Country ?

Why not be honest about what's really in the health care bill, and honest about the people that surround Obama, and honest about how the Government is getting farther away from the Constitution ?

This is nothing more than incitement, and nothing more than trying to discredit people that are exposing this administration for what it really is


Josh said...

Why we're being honest, let's be honest about something else:

Almost every time windows start to get broken and those supposed right-wing vandals get destructive or someone in the audience throws otu slurs, it turns out that it was a liberal behind it, only doing damage to make it look like a right-wing loon did it!

Morons like Ed know this full well. They all report on the same nonsense and run with it so happily because it keeps focus off of "news."

They can't talk about how angry Americans are that politicians aren't listening to them. They can't talk about how there was and still is FAR MORE VIOLENCE on the left wing.

They can't talk about their personal favorite politicians having 8 and 11% approval ratings.

They cannot afford to tell the truth. If schmucks like Ed aren't 100% partisan and hypocritical and as divisive as they can possibly be, they'll then lose their tiny base audience and won't have television shows.

Did Ed ever report on the guy's finger being bit off by an Obama supporter? What about the SEIU thugs who beat a man senseless and belted him with racial slurs?

I wonder if he reported on the anti-anti-immigration thugs who beat up a man in broad daylight?

Think he reported that the last few instances of supposed "right-wing" vandalism turned out to be left-wing loons?

How about the protestors who smashed up buildings and car windows and set fires because they're against capitalism?

No. MSNBC doesn't deal with these types of things. And if Ed were a man who did, he wouldn't be part of the team. You see that they won't even let their only moderate anchor go on air without liberals surrounding him.

And he talks about the fairness doctrine.

I love their entire philosophy: If the majority of the people don't agree with you, just force it on them anyway for their own good.

That's why they don't like America and our capitalist system. It weeds out the losers. If they were to play by established rules, they'd be shoveling shit somewhere and wouldn't have shows to begin with.

In Ed's gas line rant, I didn't hear about Cantor's home being shot at.

Sure. Every one of us know he's that partisan. The trouble, like you said, is the hypocrisy. Pretending that you're the great arbiter of fairness is just ridiculous.

This guy makes Rush look like a genius.

Sandee said...

Yep, this guy is indeed a whack job. He's not going to get anywhere either. He can call us bastards but Rush can't call them bastards? Well, isn't that something. Two faced liberals make me ill.

Have a terrific day. :)