Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mad Mad Media

I saw this on Resistnet, and just had to share.....

Who does Dylan Ratigan think he is ?
What kind of interview do you call that ?
This guy comes across as an idiot, and seems to me that he is auditioning for a prime time show.
This " attack mode " style of journalism is the last effort these Obama news outlet's have.
Instead of bringing us the news, they spit shine something that looks good to them, and tear down anyone that opposes their idiotic views.
What really makes me laugh is how they spin everything

It was no mystery as to why Bunning was objecting to the bill.
He never said he did not want unemployment benefits to be paid, he just wanted them to pay for them first.
Instead of chasing the man down, and trying to make him look like the bad guy, why not chase Harry Reid down and ask why the bill could not be paid for ?
The left wing media has no credibility at all, and they are hand in hand with Obama in doing everything they can to destroy our nation.
These so called " journalists " are a big joke, and instead of calling themselves a news reporters, should call themselves comedians
I have to include Nancy Pelosi in this post today, because I found this clip priceless

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