Friday, February 25, 2011

Backfire At The View

Apologize ?

Really ?

You know, the more that these blow hard hens bring on guest's with the intention to discredit and humiliate, and use the same ignorance to do so as the rest of the left wing media, the easier it is to see why we have a minority group of Americans still drinking the Kool-Aid.

Bill O'Riley would not give in, and he got 2 of them to walk out.

Dandy Don held his ground and told them how it was, and big bad Joy seemed as if she would take him back to her place for a drink after the show.

Lets face it, the left had a good run, they scared us a little, knocked over a few tables, and even broke my favorite coffee cup, but they are on the ropes right now and will swing at anything they can.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beck Protesters

Did you see the people outside of Glenn Beck's show today protesting ?

The Unions are going after Fox News now.

They have the sheep going after them too...

This is good to see, and in the coming months, it will get worse, but what the left needs to realize is that many Americans got the slap in the back of the head, and used their vote last November to begin to fix some of the problems we are having.

I am not saying the problems began in 2008, but I will say we have been digging a hole for a long time, and now we need to look for a way out.

From this side of the fence, I have listened to laughter and ridicule, and have been dismissed when any kind of political debate had entered the conversation. It seems now that those that just shrugged off my ideas and opinions are now rethinking their own views and are now interested in my thoughts.

Many people that gave Glenn Beck the finger a year ago find it hard to argue with what he had outlined then, and what he is trying to report now. Weather you like him or not, he gives an hour of content every day, and it is displayed on the Fox News website, and all over YouTube, and the only criticism he gets is if he sheds a tear or screams to much.

Stop playing the loon card, and instead of chanting Fox Lies, Fox Lies, spell it out.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and every opinion is up for debate, but FACT is FACT !

I believe what I research for myself, and I think the media in general has let us all down. With everything that is available to us today, the American people should have not have to question what the truth is when it comes to a " transparent " Government.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Watch Those Guys


That is what it has come to.

The left desperately wants the right to show signs of violence, and wants the Tea Party to somehow rise up and start to engage in destruction and revolution, but no, they have not even turned over a trash can

We have seen left wing, Democratic supporters attack people, destroy property, and even cause physical damage to the point to where people were hospitalized.

Few were criminally charged and then ushered out the back, some were not even held accountable.

But the spotlight still shines on the " explosive " right wing and what they are about to do.

Let me say, your damn right !

I watched today as real people gathered today in Wisconsin to back Governor Walker, and to say enough is enough. To say that when they voted for the Republicans, they voted for fiscal responsibility, and looks like Walker and the other Republicans will stay strong.

Unions may provide some help to workers, but when they take advantage and abuse power they should be dismantled.

Do I stand with the workers ? No, when we are exposed financially as we are right now, everyone needs to make a sacrifice.

You can't carry a sign to Tax The Rich when you yourself are unwilling to offer a contribution yourself.

Many of these problems could be sorted out if it were not for the uninformed notions from the likes of Bill Maher, and Mike Tate, and Lena Taylor, and many of the left leaning media outlets and bloggers, but they have become blinded by a socialist agenda and some kind of redistribution theory. The funny thing about their ideas are they refuse to practice what they want everyone to follow, for example, under redistribution, I am sure Maher would not have to go far from his fancy home to find someone with less than himself so that he could even things out, and I am sure some of those lefty bloggers could make room down in the basement and share some Cheetos's with someone less fortunate than themselves.

Maybe what they could do is allow a few illegals to stay at their homes for a few weeks while they worked under the table to get some cash to send back and get more family to bring here, and then, well, you know how giving and caring and generous the left wing people are.

But anyway, Go Walker !

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In The Real World

Sometimes you just have to walk away.
The past few days I have been watching the attacks from the left from everything concerning Ronald Reagan, to what Glenn Beck has to say about the events in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, and how Bill O'Riley handled the Obama interview.
I find it useless to complain because the lines in America have been drawn out and for one reason or the other, people have chosen their side and refuse to have any reasonable debate or compromise on whats really happening.
Instead of looking for the truth, people resort to attacking anything that is said that could damage their own credibility, and allow things to happen that would destroy our way of life in the end.
Some of the loudest screamers from the left about how bad the U.S. is, and the first in line that stand up for the Muslims enjoy everything America has to offer and takes advantage of a capitalistic lifestyle.
Under Sharia law, do people really believe that their way of life would exist the way it does now ?
When all the wealth gets " spread around " will these people still enjoy their their homes and possessions, or will they give them up to someone else and settle for less ?
I hope they don't get hungry and reach for a piece of bread that's not theirs, they might get their hand chopped off.
Better watch those booty calls too, might find some rocks coming at your head.
Land of the free,
Home of the brave,
We still are out here in the real world, away from the concrete and the buildings.
I just need to throw my line and listen to my boys talk for a little while.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Question Of Hate

Tonight on the big pre-game interview with Obama and O'Riley, Bill asked Obama how he felt about the people that hated him.
Basically, Obama answer was that people hated him because they did not know him.
I went back to Youtube when the game started and listened to the interview again, taking care to listen to that answer again, and I just find it difficult that Bill would let it go.
I understand that they were on a time limit, and I am sure there were restrictions on how far he could go with his questions, but Obama says that some people hate him because they don't know him ?
This coming from someone that has spent considerable effort concealing school and college records, having web pages and video scrubbed from the net, distancing himself from the people that launched his political career only to sneak them into his administration through other organizations, and lets not not get get into ties to SEIU, and A.C.O.R.N, and possibly the weather underground.
Your right Obama, we don't know you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Health Care Ruling

I sat back in a medicated state as Obama wasted another hour of my time giving the State of the Union, and I listened to, and read all of the responses from both sides commenting about how wonderful the speech was, and how is was just a rehash of last years.
Some time has passed, and I am feeling a little better now, and I waited along with millions of other Americans for a ruling on the Health Care bill in Florida.
I did suspect that certain parts would be deemed unconstitutional, but never thought that the entire bill would be thrown out.
As always, I eagerly search out the responses from the left, just to find what excuse they will use for defeat, and it seems that the majority are calling it an act of " Republican Judicial Activism "
I remember when the Health Care debate was going on, and the big question was where in the Constitution does it say that the Government provide Health Care.
It looks like the question finally got answered.