Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Safe Passage For Who ?

I went over to Drudge Report tonight and saw a headline that read " Illegals free to leave ! "

I just had to click on that, and when I read the Fox news story, sure enough, its about another stupid ass group of so called Americans that want to help the criminals back across the border unharmed.
Come on, really ? I mean, is someone going to stop them and say " Hey wait a minute, you forgot your food stamps ! "
Get these people the heck out of here and wake up, most of you people just caught your breath from screaming about sending more money out to the unemployed, well now that many of these undocumented workers are leaving, employers will have no choice but to hire someone that actually is from the United States, and maybe, just maybe in a few weeks the people that are cutting your grass, and taking your order at McDonald's, and taking your 20 bucks for the 5 gallons of gas you get at the store will be an American.
It makes me mad to think that because I have an America First mentality, some jerk will more than likely want to brand me a racist, well I have a solution to that too, why don't you just pack up and go with them.
If you don't like how it's done here, just go.
Let's make that a rule for everybody.
You decide Hugo Chavez is so great, then lets book you a flight.
Maybe the Islam culture is for you, then I am sure we have a few ships headed that way.
We can have a big send off, and make sure everybody waves goodbye, and you can go off and be happy.
Just get the heck out.


Sandee said...

Just look at Arizona and you'll see what horrible things that are happening. Three counties deep into the United States of America and Americans are told to stay out because the mexican nationals have taken it over. Drug runners and human smugglers. It's a travesty I tell you. Where is the outrage?

Have a terrific day. :)

Don E. Chute said...

I agree wholeheartedly!

You did omit one very important destination for the uncommitted AMERICANS---FRANCE.

I have a caveat that all UA's must adhere to. When you leave, trade your currency for that of your new nation---and you can't have a Dollar again (no matter how much it's worth).

Have you noticed, the buggers who say they will leave for this and that---NEVER DO! Unless it's for a vacation Mansion.



Science Exploiter said...

Without a doubt the government needs to address illegal immigration, but you can't just kick out 30 million people. You talk about a waste of money: searching for, processing, and deporting; it will cost millions without any guarantee of success. Besides, the strategy of kicking out illegals hasn't worked well yet, so why should we continue to adhere to this broken policy?

If we came up with some sort of amnesty the illegal immigrants could be taxed and thus pay into the system from which they already take. They can attend schools and get medical care, at least an amnesty would allow for taxation. Would this solve all problems? No, but it's one suggestion.