Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Killing The Crackers

Yeah, this is what I have been waiting for. I didn't think it was going to take too much longer before it came out into the mainstream either.

J. Christian Adams stood up against the administration and told that these cases should be overlooked, should be dropped, even after the case had been won, and where do we stand now ?


We not only elected a radical socialist Muslim as a leader, but we have also elected a hardcore racist.

"Kill some crackers, and some cracker babies"

I guess he is within his rights to say that, and I guess he feels safe doing so in his little corner of the world.

Lets not forget that the blacks have been given every opportunity available, and some more than whites, to succeed. They have had grants, scholarships, loans, colleges, Government programs, and entitlements that would take them anywhere they wanted to go

Many of these programs are not available to " whites " because we are not a minority, but we still have to pay for them with tax dollars

But this poor, downtrodden black man is still oppressed, and feels the need to kill whitey. He has a resentment of some kind to whites, the same one that I believe Obama has.

Look people, America was founded with certain laws and rules. That is how it is, and you cant change it because you don't like the religion, or the color. It has been said a thousand times...

America, Love it, or LEAVE !


Sandee said...

Boy he's got some major hate going on doesn't he. A white guy do this and there would be hell to pay. Good grief.

I did hear about this case being dropped a while back. I'm not surprised one bit.

I'll sure be glad when we clean house in November and then again in 12. So very happy.

Have a terrific day. :)

VH said...

I think that it's terrible that this administration is going to give these racist nutjobs a pass. Unbelievable. I'm hoping for some major change in November.

Jeremy Janson said...

It's interesting you brought up love it or leave it, because America did actually take territory in Africa specifically for the purpose of blacks who felt they could not or did not want to stay here:

Don E. Chute said...

No Surprise here. Could the black panthers(lower case on purpose), be part of the Progressive Army waiting for 'Real Change'??