Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Safe Passage For Who ?

I went over to Drudge Report tonight and saw a headline that read " Illegals free to leave ! "

I just had to click on that, and when I read the Fox news story, sure enough, its about another stupid ass group of so called Americans that want to help the criminals back across the border unharmed.
Come on, really ? I mean, is someone going to stop them and say " Hey wait a minute, you forgot your food stamps ! "
Get these people the heck out of here and wake up, most of you people just caught your breath from screaming about sending more money out to the unemployed, well now that many of these undocumented workers are leaving, employers will have no choice but to hire someone that actually is from the United States, and maybe, just maybe in a few weeks the people that are cutting your grass, and taking your order at McDonald's, and taking your 20 bucks for the 5 gallons of gas you get at the store will be an American.
It makes me mad to think that because I have an America First mentality, some jerk will more than likely want to brand me a racist, well I have a solution to that too, why don't you just pack up and go with them.
If you don't like how it's done here, just go.
Let's make that a rule for everybody.
You decide Hugo Chavez is so great, then lets book you a flight.
Maybe the Islam culture is for you, then I am sure we have a few ships headed that way.
We can have a big send off, and make sure everybody waves goodbye, and you can go off and be happy.
Just get the heck out.

Monday, July 26, 2010

WikiLeaks Scandal

OK, I have to ask,

Did I miss something ?

Hello ?

War ?

We are fighting for something here.

This idiot says it , It's war, it's one damn thing after another, the continuous death.

Well I have a suggestion, why not give this guy a big red x, and have him walk around over there and pick a spot, any spot that he likes, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, it really does not matter to me, and as soon as all of our people are loaded up and headed home, we send some missiles his way.

That would end it.

that would end the constant killing, the one damn thing after another, and it would keep our people safe from the worthless criminals that have no respect for us, or our country that we seem to try to help.

You know what, screw them anymore, let's just say the hell with it and bring all our people home and let the rest of the world fight it out, in a couple months when no one is left, we can just go over and take whatever oil or gas we want, there will be nobody left

Go ahead and cry for the women and children then

Monday, July 12, 2010

Black Panthers Ready To Meet

The " New " Black Panthers are coming to D.C. on August 27th to deal with, and I quote, " All these right wingers "

They are being led by A Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz, aka Paris Lewis, who is described by the Anti-Defamation League as " anti-Semitic and racist ", and on his own website, on the header it reads " Freedom or Death "

This is the man that is leading a growing number of blacks towards a war.

Let's not sugar coat anything anymore, the Muslims are out to destroy the United States, and the black people in America are joining them at an alarming rate.

They use race and discrimination as an excuse, and blame the Whites and Jews for their problems,claim that they are held down and oppressed, and not afforded the same opportunities as everyone else that lives in this great Nation

May I remind you that that no where in our Constitution does it say that a black man can not go to school, or go to work, or own a business. for that matter, there are even laws, and exceptions that give black additional opportunities that are not afforded to others, such as white.

Why do these black leaders lie to their own people ? what is their agenda ?

This man, this black leader, this racist, this anti-Semitic, this man that calls Osama Bin Laden " brother " that is telling more and more black men and women what to do, and what to think, and where to go is going to be in Washington D.C. on August 27th to take care of the right wingers.

I will be there too, maybe they will take care of me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Killing The Crackers

Yeah, this is what I have been waiting for. I didn't think it was going to take too much longer before it came out into the mainstream either.

J. Christian Adams stood up against the administration and told that these cases should be overlooked, should be dropped, even after the case had been won, and where do we stand now ?


We not only elected a radical socialist Muslim as a leader, but we have also elected a hardcore racist.

"Kill some crackers, and some cracker babies"

I guess he is within his rights to say that, and I guess he feels safe doing so in his little corner of the world.

Lets not forget that the blacks have been given every opportunity available, and some more than whites, to succeed. They have had grants, scholarships, loans, colleges, Government programs, and entitlements that would take them anywhere they wanted to go

Many of these programs are not available to " whites " because we are not a minority, but we still have to pay for them with tax dollars

But this poor, downtrodden black man is still oppressed, and feels the need to kill whitey. He has a resentment of some kind to whites, the same one that I believe Obama has.

Look people, America was founded with certain laws and rules. That is how it is, and you cant change it because you don't like the religion, or the color. It has been said a thousand times...

America, Love it, or LEAVE !

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What Johnny Said

Some folks seem to forget