Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Same Old Thing

I had to go back and look for this old pic, I used it in a few post some time ago when I was trying to make a point about some folks that just did not want to take a good look around at what was really going on in the world
Today I listened to a news report about how the Government is planning to do away with the emergency response system we have now, you know the one that interrupts the TV and radio with the loud beeping and then tells you " This is just a test "
From what I understand, we are to get special chips in our cell phones that will alert us to danger, special messages straight from the desk of Obama.
That would put them right in my pocket, capable of contacting me, and keeping track of me, maybe like a little lojack thing.
That doesn't sound like freedom, sounds like someone watching over me.
Which is why I posted my head in the sand pic.
Didn't we hear back when this Obama debacle started that our rights and liberties would be slowly chipped away ?
Didn't I use this pic to demonstrate what those that just stood by and did nothing, or followed blindly looked like ?
Hate to say I told you so.


Sandee said...

I hear his approval rating is 60% right now and the pundits are saying he should be elected to a second term. All media hype if you ask me.

He's at the US/Mexico border in Texas telling the Latinos that immigration reform is needed and that the republicans are standing in his way. He's deported more than the republicans ever have. There has been far more enforcement with him then with Bush. Two faced.

Have a terrific day. :)

Joyce Lansky said...

What your blogging about started long before Obama came to office.


Andy Domonkos said...
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Andy Domonkos said...

And yet Homeland security, which has become the biggest governmental branch in existence, and their campaign to put a camera on every square inch of the country, and circumvent our legal system by arresting people without trial by jury or due process, is perfectly acceptable to you?